7 Easy Steps to Kickstart Your Author Journey

If you’re gifted, you may just be able to sit down and let the words flow through you to write your book. However, the majority of us need a structure to kickstart that writing journey.

Here we outline some ways which will keep you on track to start writing your Best Seller!

1. Why Do You Want To Write Your Book?

This is important as it will determine a lot of things about your book. For example, if you want to make a living out of it, this may reflect on your title, your topic and your cover.

Really think about WHY.

You may be a Business Owner who wants to raise their profile and add Author to your resume and / or build authority in your field. Writing a book is a fabulous way to build credibility in your industry.

2. Think About What Your Book Is Going To Be About

If you’re not sure, write down lots of things you have knowledge on then choose from the list which area you’re most comfortable with and know the most about. If it’s a fiction book, again write down different scenarios you could work your imagination with.

Ask friends and family if your projected storyline is something worth reading? Get feedback if you’ve written a few chapters to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

3. Set Your Word Count Goals

What is your lifestyle like? Are you a busy person or do you have lots of free time? Think about how much time you can realistically appoint to writing each day. It might only be half an hour, but if you stick to it, you’ll have a book put together in no time!

4. Think About How Long You Want Your Book To Be

For example, an average book is between 40,000 – 60,000 words which takes around 4 hours to read. Most Publishers will charge more if a book is over a certain amount of words, usually 50,000, so factor this in to your plan.

5. Write A Short Book To Start

If you’re unsure about writing your book, why not start with a small book to start with. A digital version on Kindle. If it does well, you can then expand on your book into a full written paperback. E-books are a great tool to use for business, lead magnets and much more so it’s a great way to start your writing career.

Now Kindle have unleashed Kindle Vella, which lets you showcase a little part of your book to allow readers to get the feel of it and if they want to purchase it.

6. Write With Others

This could be a workspace for writers, you could join a book club or writers club to gain inspiration or you could go on a writers retreat or holiday if you wanted to really connect with other writers.

7. Edit Later On

Write first and edit later. If you start editing everything as you write, you’ll end up spending too much time on that and it will surely demotivate you. Write your book first the way it is in your head, then once you’ve completed, go back and edit one chapter at a time.

You should always get a professional to look over your work once it’s completed as Copy Editors will understand the best way a book will flow etc. Always get it proofread too!

Sharon Brown

Founder - The Book Chief