Amazon Best Seller – Is It Worth It?

Many new Authors aim to get to that number #1 spot on Amazon so they can grab that shiny coveted badge…. BUT, is it worth the effort or so called ‘paper it’s written on’? We cover off some truths and myths below to let you make your mind up…

To get to be an Amazon Best Seller status it can be done in two ways, one of them easier than the other… you decide which one you prefer!

Reviews, sales, good keywords and relevant but less popular categories are all important to have your book ranked on ‘merit’ and it’s not impossible to do this, in fact it just takes a process. This is of course the hardest way to do it, but in the long run it may just prove the best and most lucrative way.

An easier way to do it is again to try and get reviews, some launch day sales but this time, you can choose categories which may not be as relevant to your book, but still not popular and with less competition.

Amazon can also be contacted to add your book to various other categories which you can do yourself. They can add you to up to 10 categories and the chances are you could achieve #1 in any of these if you choose carefully. It’s important to do your research on current titles which are similar to your own book and take note of the categories and ranking of those books.

It’s still a great accolade to show off if you do get to that number one status and it’s good to aim for this as many people are learning the loopholes and it’s now becoming saturated with best seller status badges. Like anything, the more people who show one off the less powerful it will become.

It’s good to note that Amazon updates every hour too, so you may only be at number one for less than an hour and in a different country, so keep your eye on it on launch day and keep checking in to see it moving up the rankings.

Sharon Brown

Founder - The Book Chief