Our Authors

Business Books

Mark Terrell

Small Business Owners Handbook

Credibility Confidence
Abbi E. Hoxleigh

From Feeling Unseen to Speaking Like a Queen
Sara Nystrom

Dominate Your Potential
Milton Sithole

Modern Sales Leadership
Rob Taylor / Steve Knapp

The Speakers Journey (Volume One)
The Speakers Index

The Speakers Journey (Volume Two)
The Speakers Index

Public Speaking
The Speakers Index

Cracking The Code
Ieva Matenas 

Marvellously Easy To Say “I Get It”
Sarah Sowerby


Cowboys & Cocktails
Ellie Lacrosse

The Way of a Warrior
Tracey Secker

My Life is a Meme
Rita Preston

Letting Go
Lenora Scurry

Discovering The Love Within
Gillian Routledge

Childhood Memories
Surinder Suwan

My Beautiful Amen
Angelina Amedeka

Rusty Bullets & Broken Records
Mark Duffy

Collaborative Memoirs

In The Midst of Chaos
Mildred D. Muhammad

The Mother Ship
Ciara Heneghan

Secrets of 99 Successful Women (Volume 1)
The Book Chief

The Secrets of Successful Women (Volume 2)
The Book Chief

Stories From Around The Globe (Volume 1)

Stories From Around The Globe (Mens Edition)

Stories From Around The Globe (Volume 3)

Living with Cerabral Palsy
Kyle Scott

Singled Out
Sharon Brown

The Secrets of Successful Men
Sharon Brown

Living with Adult ADHD
Bernadette Ashton

Golden Threads
Sue Williams

Unforgettable Encounters
The Book Chief

Children's Books

A Beach With No Sea
Jayce Joyce

Jayce’s Sweet Tooth
Jayce Joyce

Mixed Veg
Sue Powell

Health & Wellbeing

The Stress Maze
Andrea Hochgatterer

Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle

Showing Up
Angela Maroosis

Tap Your Possible
Ramona Stronach

Menopause: What Nobody Talks About
The Book Chief

Unveiling Minds
Sam Ortyl & Sharon Brown

Eat Naturally
Maria Honeker

Picture Books

UnMasking The Imposter
Elle Bright

Historical / Educational

The Lost Quartet
Alexandra Foley

Stage / Play

A Neopolitan Tragedy
Jon Morrell 


The Raven
Ellie LaCrosse 

Magenta Moon
Jackie Freeborn

New Age

Living In The New Paradigm
Laura Billingham

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