Building Your Author Platform: Your Blueprint for Success

However accomplished you may be as a writer, these days, success as an author is as much about cultivating an audience, branding yourself, and building your platform as it is about writing a gripping story or telling a compelling tale. For first-time novelists, business writers and veterans, building a solid author platform is critical for […]

The essential guide to ISBN’s

The essential guide to ISBN’s An ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This is a numbering system for books and every book needs to have one! I’ve set out a guide below to help you understand why you need one, where you can buy one and what it’s used for! What is an ISBN? […]

7 Easy Steps to Kickstart Your Author Journey

7 Easy Steps to Kickstart Your Author Journey If you’re gifted, you may just be able to sit down and let the words flow through you to write your book. However, the majority of us need a structure to kickstart that writing journey. Here we outline some ways which will keep you on track to […]