Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing:

A Comprehensive Guide Choosing the right publishing path is a crucial decision for any aspiring author. With the rise of self-publishing platforms, authors now have more options than ever before. While traditional publishing has merits, self-publishing offers unique advantages that can’t be overlooked. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of […]

The Power of Multi-format Publishing

Hey authors and book lovers! Let’s talk about why publishing your book in various formats is a game-changer, and why audiobooks are stealing the spotlight. Reaching a Wider Audience Ever wish your story could reach readers on the go? Audiobooks are definitely the answer! Whether it’s during a commute, workout, or just chilling, people love […]

Amazon Best Seller – Is It Worth It?

Amazon Best Seller – Is It Worth It? Many new Authors aim to get to that number #1 spot on Amazon so they can grab that shiny coveted badge…. BUT, is it worth the effort or so called ‘paper it’s written on’? We cover off some truths and myths below to let you make your […]

How To Write A Best Seller

How To Write A Best Seller Anyone can write a best seller! That is a strong statement, but in today’s world of self-publishing, it’s absolutely ‘doable’ to get on a Best Seller list for one or more categories. Gone are the days when you had to send your manuscript off to a high flying Publishing […]