Business Book Launch Checklist

Pre-launch Preparation: Cover All Bases: Marketing Materials: Launch Day: Post-launch: Remember, a successful book launch is an ongoing process. Stay engaged with your audience, adapt your strategy as needed, and celebrate your achievements along the way!

Unlocking Lottery Funding for your Book Projects

Unlocking Lottery Funding for your Book Projects Innovative and inspiring book projects have the power to change lives, but funding can often be a significant hurdle for charities, CICs and Social Enterprises. However, in the United Kingdom, there is a remarkable avenue for financial support – lottery funding. In this blog, we will explore how […]

Maximise Your Book Sales

Maximise Your Book Sales Marketing your book in the right way to maximise your book sales and awareness is paramount to the success of your book. Here are some things to consider to get you started! Create a buzz around your book a few weeks before it’s published. Give teasers on social media and dangle […]