How To Write A Best Seller

Anyone can write a best seller!

That is a strong statement, but in today’s world of self-publishing, it’s absolutely ‘doable’ to get on a Best Seller list for one or more categories.

Gone are the days when you had to send your manuscript off to a high flying Publishing Company waiting to get rejected over and over again or to get that one lucky break where someone sees potential in your writing. YES, people still do use literary agents to get them that big break, but it’s no guarantee your book will be chosen.

Nowadays the easiest route to publish a book is Self-Publishing and Amazon have designed this beautifully to allow anyone to become an Author and to gain that Best Seller status.

The average book sells between 250 – 300 books, so by no means a best seller. However, if you choose the right categories and keywords you could get into that top 100 list or better still the top 10 list!

Publishers usually know some tips and tricks to do this and here at The Book Chief we are no different. There are many ways to gaining you a best seller status, but research on Amazon is key to find out what books are doing well in your category. What titles and styles of books are selling best and of course how you can beat the ‘algorithm’ with some clever strategies!

If you think this is out of reach, think again.

One thing to remember. Very few people make a living out of selling books alone and very few people even sell over 5000 copies of their book. If you have a true best seller in every sense of the word, then you’ll soon know and a literary agent may be the best bet for you to try your luck getting Published through those channels.

In the meantime, to achieve your Author status, give self-publishing a try through us!

Sharon Brown

Founder - The Book Chief