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Audio books popularity just keep rising, and the more formats you have of your book the better! Did you know at least 45% of people have listened to an audio book in their lifetime? The numbers are up by 15% since 2020, so invest invest invest in this commodity!
What's included:
  • Exclusive rate for self-narrating authors. £187+VAT per finished hour e.g a regular 40,000 word book on average is around 5 hours (but this is an estimate)
  • The above includes Studio , producer, mastering, editing and quality control
  • Beautiful location in Hampshire on a converted farm.
  • Free pick up from train station though driving is advised.
  • Hand picked narrators available at £100 per finished hour (if you prefer someone else to narrate for you).
  • Bonus option of an interview filmed in 4K with exceptional sound. As well as the bonus interview you also get all six questions split with a call to action for your social media, website etc. All of this for only £299+VAT ( usually £899-£1200 )

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