Additional Services

We have many additional services to offer, that can be bolted onto any package or provide support for existing authors.

We also offer a 10% referral kickback! Refer someone to us for publishing and we’ll pay you 10% before costs when they complete their payments. Many people have already benefited from this attractive package already. Just get in touch and we’ll get you signed up!

Getting Started

Accountability Writing Group

We understand that it’s not an easy task to write your book and understand everything that you need to do to make it publishing ready. This is why we run quarterly Accountability Groups which is designed to support you through this journey for six months from idea to completion.
This group is perfect for you if you…
  • want to write your book but you’re not sure where to start
  • you’ve started writing your book, but you’re unclear about structure, chapters, table of contents etc
  • you want to give your book the best chance possible of being seen and making money
  • you’d like to be part of a supportive and encouraging group of Authors all at different levels
  • you are looking for a Publisher you can trust who works with you to ensure you’re doing everything the right way
The group is FREE to join but we do ask for a non-refundable fee of £150 which will be taken off the cost of your publishing package once your book is ready! 


Flyers + Adverts


Give your flyers out at any and every occasion to stay in the mind of your audience. We can also get them printed and delivered for you at an additional cost.

Landing Pages


We advise every Author to go for this one as it’s a fantastic way to gain sales and allow customers to pre-order your book. It keeps it current and out there and is the easiest way to earn your publishing fee back through sales.

Roller Banners


Take your pop up to any event and gain even more exposure for your book(s) with a fantastic eye catching design!

Social Media


We can provide social media management or strategy for you and your book to ensure the right message is reaching your potential customers and buyers of your book. 

Authors Rising

All of our Authors are featured FREE for 12 months within our magazine on a double page spread. They also get the opportunity of being on the front cover on a first refusal basis (additional fee applies). Features include headshot, front cover, bio, reviews and a Q&A section to allow readers to get to know their book Authors that little bit better!

PR Services

Provided by Little PR Rock


£ 342
Single Payment
  • Professionally written press release
  • 1 hour brainstorming session
  • Ten Q&As and quotes ready for media interest
  • Checklist of tips for approaching media
  • Advice on creating media 'pitch'
2022 Pricing


£ 915
Single Payment
  • All of Silver plus
  • Full media kit designed
  • Research appropriate media outlets
  • 1 x standard 'pitch' designed
  • Up to 10 pitches to local and national media
2022 Pricing


£ 1495
Single Payment
  • All of Gold plus
  • 90-day marketing plan
  • Up to 30 pitches to local and national media
  • Professionally designed slide deck JPEGS
  • Linkedin Banner
  • Email Footer
2022 Pricing

Getting Started

If you’re happy to publish just through Amazon or other similar outlets, they will assign you an ISBN and barcode. However, the advantage to buying your own allows your book  to be showcased in book stores like Waterstones. We can organise these for you to save any confusion and ensure this is on your book cover ready to upload.

Your Book Launch

Book Reviews

It’s proven that book reviews are the most important factor for your book when trying to rank highly on Amazon. We can kickstart that goal straight away with three top class reviews from people who’ve bought and read your book. 

BETA Readers

If you’d like even more reviews (which is advisable), we have a fabulous ARC team (Advance Reader Copy) who will read your book, give you feedback if you’re open to it and leave honest reviews on your Amazon page before you go LIVE! This gives you the best chance possible of raising your Amazon profile.

Book Launch Checklist

For Solo Authors

Most books don’t get past the first hurdle and most Authors don’t think much about doing their own book launch, but it’s a great way to showcase your achievement and do some promotional work around your book. We’ve put together this fantastic downloadable advice booklet which gives you a step by step guide on how to organise your book launch in the best and easiest way possible!

Virtual Book Launch or Summit

We only provide a ‘Book Launch’ for Collaborative books and that’s why we’re now offering a fantastic alternative to any book launch in the form of a Virtual Summit! This can be done for Collaborative Books or Solo Books. This can turn your Co-authors into speakers or we can source speakers for you from our Speakers Index platform. 

We’ve tried and tested this and it’s a fantastic way to spread the word, get you pre-order book sales and add to your mailing list. We’ll take you through the process every step of the way!

Book Presentation

Why not gift wrap your special books for your clients? We can offer advice on the best companies to buy your presentation boxes and branded ribbons. If you’re gifting your books, this is a beautiful way to present your achievement and celebrate. Your clients will be over the moon, we can guarantee that.